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1% (1-Percent) of Officers in 2018' in the US is 6866.65

Don't justify 1%! Let's say 1% of Officers are corrupt. In 2018 that would have been 6,866.65 Officers doing corruption in the United States of America. We are not going to excuse them. We are not going to pardon them. And don't ask us why we are rioting when America has never corrected 465 years of institutional purposed belittlement and killing of Black People from African shores to the America's.

People riot when they don't have resources and even if they rioted in the name of George Floyd, American prompted that riot when it stole millions of Africans, used them in Chattel Slavery, and castrated them without repair once that supposed slavery ended.

1% of Officers in 2018' divided by 50 States is 137.333 rogue Officers committing sin against a people that they've hated or feared. That number includes all creeds, colors, and background but majority of them are White with an extended history of racism that trickled down for generations.

A spirit of policing, which was initially meant to protect property. Well guess what? We are no longer your fucking property! A spirit of policing that has been handed down from generation to generation and you expect us to do what? A football player knelt and you had a problem with that. Now you have a problem with shit burning. Pick your poison and stop crying when it comes to your national doorstep.

I've watched all of the news channels and they keep yelling 1%. And they are right, numbers don't lie but if you're telling me 6,866.65 Officers can kill, steal, and destroy, I'm telling you we have a right to burn that systematic bullshit to the ground.

Fuck peace until the remaining officers are locked up and charged. Look at this man's knee on George's neck even while the paramedic pulls the cart out. His knee was on his neck for more than two minutes after paramedics arrived and CPR was not administered. It was supposedly administered in the ambulance on the way on a pulseless body.

I believe there's way more than 1% of Officers that violate the law, but we'll keep it there for now. 686,665 Officers working full time in 2018'. Fuck a bad apple spoiling a whole bunch, this is murder to say the least and they are truly a gang that protects themselves.

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