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About Tylerman Films LLC

Tylerman Films LLC

Tylerman Films LLC, is a Digital Media and Film company founded by Andrew Tyler. 

Mission Statement:  

The Mission of Tylerman Films LLC is to create digital media content and films while providing a platform for Independent Filmmakers with The Tylerman Film Festival for the purposes of education, inspiration, and upliftment with unparalleled social awareness reflections that become iconic brands that change history and innovate technologies.  

Our company is skilled in Producing, Writing, Directing, Editing, Journalism, Pre/Post Production, Color Correction, Animation, and all that we don't do we make it our business to hire our weaknesses.  


Now in its Fifth year, Tylerman Films LLC and The Tylerman Film Festival seek to create film, digital content, commercials, spots, voiceovers, short and feature films, all while training up the next generation of filmmakers, actors, and actresses.

  1. Business Purpose: Tylerman Films LLC creates digital media content, film, and teaches inner-city youth and current college film students the skills to Produce, Write, Direct, and Edit with the payoff of film festival distribution and the selling to distribution companies and film hubs. The company prides itself in creative arts and extends its arm internationally with an annual film festival held at a 500-acre facility called Cantigny Park in Wheaton, Illinois.

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I'm An Award Winning Film Maker


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