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A National Treasure. Gone but never forgotten. REST IN POWER!

I look up to very few people and as I listen to Andrew Young discuss John Lewis on the news tonight I'm reminded of meeting Andrew Young, Jesse Jackson, and John Lewis at the Congressional Black Caucus in Washington DC. They spoke with me for about 5 minutes and encouraged me as I had been recently released from prison. John joked about me only going to jail once and him going to jail over 40 times. Told me I was a rookie when it came to prison as he Jesse, and Andrew laughed at me. Then he suddenly lashed out, who's the felon, you or me? And I told him, I would never call you a felon Congressman Lewis, and he looked at me and said, nor would I ever call you a felon Mr Tyler because you are my brother. You're not some felon. You're not some title they gave you because you messed up. You messed up, now do better. ---I've been trying to do better ever since. Thank you John Lewis for your kind words that you imparted into me.

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