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I'm amazed at people when they say they are "self-made".

Not Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and a host of others made it on their own. FACT: There is no Oprah without Phil Donahue. There's no Tyler Perry without Lion's Gate. Somebody had to assist along the way and give a chance.

The Tylerman Film Festival is an authentic movement in film that allows filmmakers and persons in the art to display moments without restraint. No man is an Island, and if you're calling yourself the boss of anything, someone has to believe in what you're doing and that it will make a difference. If they don't care about you they are using you.

Thank you to those that are willing to help and assist with this weekends event and thank you to those that had a willingness but couldn't. Sunday is going to be a great day.

Festival Producer: Andrew Tyler

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