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MUTE THE INDUSTRY - Not just R Kelly

Had the opportunity to call into the Clay Cane Show on Urban View and I talked about if we're going to mute R Kelly, we have to mute Jay-Z for his dealings with Foxy Brown while she was 15 and have to consider his age gap over Beyonce' and how they met. The same goes for Hugh Hefner whom had underground tunnels leading from his mansion to fulfill the orders of celebrities that lived nearby. Muting R Kelly won't stop the problem. It's a start but it won't stop Priest molesting children, power shakers in Hollywood that are taking advantage of actors and actresses, Corporate persons that tend to live the dream and go on exotic trips with mistresses that are under age, or better yet, they go to countries that allow for them to have sex with girls that are 17 and under.

What do you think?

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