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Weaponizing Whiteness This November

President Donald Trump used his military power to violently remove protesters as the President of Law & Order and Peaceful Protests. No Evangelical will deny that Trump loves God, but will they use their Whiteness to stand up for him after what he did at the now newly named 1600 Black Lives Matter Avenue? What did he do, I'm glad you asked? He let us down and has let us down since he's been in office. A true divisive piece of shit is what he is. A Son of A Bitch! is what he called NFL players. He has Weaponized his Whiteness in every since of the words.

Amy Cooper weaponized her voice by calling the police on a bird watcher after being corrected. She said "I'm going to tell them there's an African American man threatening my life."

The tears of Amy were heard in her voice as she spoke to police which could have lead to a knee on the Bird Watchers neck. Amy apologized but she knew what she was doing. The same goes for Trump. At the exact time he labeled himself in a spirit of Richard Nixon, he had his military staff attack citizens of the United States.

My questions to those that have voted for Trump is simple. Will you weaponize your vote knowing we have a known racist, bigot, hate filled, demonic trickster in the highest office of the land.

Mitt Romney and Colin Powell both Republicans have said they will be supporting Biden. How will you Weaponize your Whiteness this November?

Voting for a third party is the same as voting for Trump. Remember that as you head to the polls.

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