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When you're apart of something special you have to acknowledge it.

Infinity Studios is Chicago's newest Southside Studio for film and media. While the Owner, President & CEO Wayne Ware doesn't look at himself as an Owner, rather a servant, he bought an old steel mill in an empowerment zone and is in the first phase of creating a facility that will rival Cinespace, 2112 Studio Chicago, and Richter Studio's to name a few.

Just as Infinity Studios was getting into the second phase of construction it ceased due to corona virus ordinances. However; with what little that was accomplished, Mr Ware got to work with a 15 foot tall LED platform that streams within the guidelines of social distancing.

As fate would have it, I teamed up with Mr Ware and we're seeking to create something along the guidelines of Time Warner, Byron Allen, and Ted Turner to name a few.

Imagine a place in Chicago that allows African Americans to tell their stories without restraint. Imagine a place where you see 10 Black people in front of the screen and 70 Black people behind the camera making that production come to life rather than everybody behind the camera being of little to no color. I tell you the truth, those behind the camera have the skills that pay the bills and those jobs are pretty much extinct to people of color in Hollywood and here in the Midwest.

Not being funny but I was recently on the set of Batwoman as an extra. I wanted to see how they operate and glean from the process. There were very few people of color behind the scenes and it saddened me. Go to a Dick Wolf production. Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Chicago Med, even Empire, (FYI: Empire has the most African Americans behind the scenes in Chicago), whatever is being created in Chicago at this time and tell me how many African American's you see doing the job of Producer, Assistant Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Steadicam Operator, Camera Operator, Data Wrangler, Videographer, Gaffer, Best Boy, even the damn Makeup Artist, and I know Black people can do some makeup. All of the aforementioned positions earn five to six figures annually. You see very few Black people in those positions. I'm not talking minority. White Women are classified as Minorities. I'm talking descendants of slaves in America. You'll see the occasional PA of color but that's about it. It's time for a change people and that change in Chicago begins with Infinity Studios, Impakt Studios, So Grateful Films, and Tylerman Films LLC.

In closing I want to make clear that this is in no way saying Infinity Studios won't work with people of other races. Infinity will be working with everyone, but rest-assure you will see African Americans earning their keep in film along the lines of Tyler Perry Studios and how Tyler employs people that would not otherwise have an opportunity to work behind the scenes. Until next time, Peace!

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